Production plants


Dairy Plant in Piotrków Kujawski

is one of the largest dairy processors in the country. It is a dairy created from scratch, operating within the framework of Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Zagranicznego Dairy Cooperatives LACPOL.

In its activity, the plant combines dairy tradition with modern production technologies. As a leading producer of powdered milk, cheese and butter, a significant part of its production is exported - the products are sold to the most demanding customers. In response to their expectations, Kosher and HALAL certification was carried out, thanks to which we can cooperate with clients from all over the world. Most of these products are components for the production of other food products, e.g. confectionery, ice cream, yoghurt, etc.

The plant produces products of excellent quality, including: skimmed and whole milk powder, cream and whey powder, Dutch-type ripening cheeses, such as Gouda, Edam, Tilsit, butter. Extra Staropolskie Butter has been awarded the "Q" quality mark by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification, which distinguishes it from products of the same category.

The Dairy Plant in Piotrków Kujawski has one of the largest cheese dairies in Poland and the most modern machinery park in Europe with fully automated technological lines, guaranteeing the production of products at the highest quality level.

The high standard and level of food safety are also ensured by the quality management systems operating in the plant.

Appropriate quality is the result of constant monitoring of the production cycle, from the purchase of raw materials, through the supply chain, production, to the sale of finished products.

Dairy Plant in Wolsztyn

was established on April 1, 1994. The plant is located in western Wielkopolska and is one of the largest dairies in this part of Poland. Among the flagship products of the Wolsztyn plant there are, among others fresh milk, UHT milk, natural and flavored Greek yoghurts, kefir and cottage cheese.

The Dairy Plant in Wolsztyn has all quality management systems that are required by law, thanks to which the manufactured products are always safe for the customer. Additionally, the plant has implemented and certified non-obligatory food safety systems. Meeting the requirements of international standards enables us to obtain safe products of the highest quality. The good quality of the products is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions received in national competitions and evaluations. The Dairy Plant in Wolsztyn additionally has a current HALAL certificate and a KOSHER certificate. The plant is authorized to ship its products to numerous third country markets. The dairy in Wolsztyn can also boast a Certificate of Organic Agriculture.

Factory in Toruń

is a long-standing and leading producer of processed cheese in Poland and abroad. Over 60 years of tradition, proven technologies and modern machinery are the guarantors of the highest quality of manufactured products.
The production activity of the plant began in 1951 and it was improved year by year. In 1991, while maintaining its economic and economic identity, the plant became a part of PHZ SM LACPOL Spółka z oo in Warsaw.
In the interests of customer safety and the quality of manufactured products, efficiently functioning quality management systems and food health safety systems have been implemented, and the manufactured products have been awarded many times at various exhibitions and fairs.
The wide range of natural processed cheeses produced by the Factory in Toruń, including: Gouda, Edam, Emmental, Tilsit, and with various flavors, are appreciated by even the most sophisticated gourmets. The largest recipients of products from Toruń are large retail chains that place high quality requirements for the products supplied to them. In addition, we deliver processed cheese to customers wholesalers throughout the country.

Dairy Plant in Zalesie

it is located on the border of the Sępólno and Tuchola counties in the Sępólno Krajeńskie commune. About 2 million liters of milk are delivered to the plant monthly from the clean meadows of the Krajeński Park and the unpolluted meadows of the Tuchola Forest.

The plant, which has been owned by LACPOL since April 1, 2003, is one of the most modern milk processing plants in the northern part of the province. Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

In the first years of its existence, the plant focused on fast and modern development. As a result of the implementation of modern production technology and the adaptation of sanitary and hygienic systems, the plant obtained appropriate certificates allowing it to sell its products to EU and non-EU markets.

For several years now, Zakład Dleczarski in Zalesie has been a well-known and respected producer of curd and cheese on the Polish market. Currently, the dairy produces two product groups: cottage cheese and ripened cheese and cheese-like products based on skimmed milk. The commercial offer addressed to the domestic and foreign markets includes natural products, including: Dutch-type maturing cheeses - Gouda, Tylżycki; Swiss type maturing cheese - Krajeński, mazdamer type; long-ripening cheese of the Greek type - Kefalotyri; cheese-like products based on skim milk; semi-fat and fatty cottage cheese.

The motto of the plant is to maintain the high trust of domestic and foreign recipients by producing and selling the highest quality products in accordance with the needs and expectations of customers.

Dairy Plant in Tarnów

has been operating on the Tarnów market since 2000.

In its operation, it pays special attention to adjusting the commercial, quality and assortment offer to the expectations of consumers. The main assumption of the Plant in Tarnów is to be a permanent, reliable and reliable producer of dairy products.

The Dairy Plant in Tarnów is one of the few producers of dairy products in the former Tarnów Province. It produces products using selected raw materials of the highest quality, using traditional methods. The department's specialty is excellent traditional cottage cheese, butter, cream and kefirs. The high quality and taste of products are appreciated by traders and, above all, consumers. The confirmation is the numerous awards and distinctions.

The applied quality management systems, care for the raw material and its processing guarantee the stable and highest quality of all Tarnów products.

"Przegląd Mleczarski"

is the only popular science industry magazine on the Polish market. It has been published since 1896.

It is addressed to all Polish milk processors, companies cooperating with the dairy industry, food wholesalers, consulting centers, veterinary services, universities and schools of agricultural, food and technical nature, and milk producers.

The publications include: economic conditions for obtaining and processing milk, innovative dairy techniques and technologies, food safety and quality control, marketing and distribution of products and other issues.

The authors of scientific articles are representatives of the best scientific staff in Poland and in the world, as well as experienced practitioners and experts in their fields of knowledge.

In the magazine we publish articles and advertisements about innovative products of dairy companies and supporting the dairy industry.

The editorial board of the journal is often invited to take media patronage over prestigious events related to the dairy industry, as well as the global food industry, which results in regular reports on these events in the journal's editions.