About us


Since its inception in 1988, PHZ SM LACPOL Sp. z o. o. is a leading exporter of dairy products to all countries of the world and a producer of dairy products available on the domestic, EU and worldwide markets.

The shape and form of the enterprise are the result of many years of cooperation between its plants. Trade and service traditions are combined with production experience. The implementation of strictly defined development perspectives by the plants forming the LACPOL company allowed for the creation of flexible production and trade cooperation.

Each of the plants included in PHZ SM LACPOL specializes in the production of a specific segment of dairy products. This form of activity, of all plants of the enterprise, allows the application and use of many modern and specialized production technologies. The well-known dairy practice requires combining tradition and innovation, with the high quality of the raw material being an extremely important element. Our priority is trust, but also a guarantee of reliable and perfect cooperation.

The LACPOL company provides a wide range of dairy products, both classified as fresh, ripened products and the so-called dry.

As part of PHZ SM LACPOL Sp. z o. o., made up of units covering the entire territory of Poland, operates 8 production and service plants. In addition to production, we also provide warehouse and cooling services and hotel services, and we are the publisher of the only dairy magazine "Przegląd Dleczarski" on the domestic market. Thanks to the constant cooperation with the scientific community, the activity of PHZ stands out due to the combination of the best in tradition and modern technology and technology.

Extensive cooperation with global food concerns makes LACPOL products recognizable all over the world.

We would like to encourage you to use the services offered by Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Zagranicznego Spółdzielnia Dleczarskich LACPOL!

In 2019. LACPOL has joined the POLMLEK Group